Talk about the longest-lasting mobile phone brand I have ever used.

The longest-used mobile phone brand I have ever used is actually Samsung.

The first mobile phone my family bought for me was a Samsung, which accompanied me through five years of middle school. It had a small built-in memory and could only install Java software that was less than 1MB. Its hardware version was low, and it couldn't even open slightly larger WAP pages at that time. But no matter what, it was the only way for me to access the internet.

After entering college, I have used Meizu, ZTE, Xiaomi, Smartisan, LG, and Palm. I also had the opportunity to try out its representative model through the decline of BlackBerry. Then came the most beautiful phone in my heart, the Nokia Lumia 920. The 920 was not only beautiful, but it also brought me a wonderful journey and a great achievement. However, the backwardness of the Windows Phone system made me turn my attention to Motorola.

At that time, the entire Motorola brand was in a period of resurgence. The Moto X they released can be said to be the most beautiful Android phone of that era. In addition to its beauty, it also had the most advanced chip, the largest memory, the fastest charging speed, and the best interaction mode among Android phones. I immediately got one. I even wrote a tutorial for it at that time, which was published on the forum and received good feedback.

Later, Apple released the explosive iPhone 6s, and I joined the closed-source intelligence tax camp that I despised the most at that time. However, the law of "smell the fragrance" applied here because besides not being able to jailbreak easily, iOS had a rich variety of software, high photo quality, beautiful UI effects, and an intuitive and user-friendly experience, which really impressed me.

During that time, something happened. A friend bought the latest Samsung S8, and I jokingly called it an explosion machine because news of the S7 Edge battery catching fire was not uncommon in 2016. Moreover, Samsung did not pay much attention to the Chinese market and even used water armies to influence public opinion. The "intern" incident caused a huge uproar. During those years, I despised Samsung phones a lot and considered them to be synonymous with lack of progress, backwardness, and intelligence tax.

At that time, my friend and I were playing mobile games together, and I found that my iPhone X was overheating, had a small screen, slow charging, and didn't even have dual SIM cards. I happened to need dual SIM cards, so I considered changing my phone.

It was 2018, and I bought the Xiaomi 8, OnePlus 6, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S one after another, but for various reasons, none of them met my expectations. Some had a simple operating system, some had poor cameras, and some had eye-straining screens. Then I got the S9 Plus. During the National Day holiday in 2018, I went on a road trip to Zhangzhou with my wife, and the only device I used to take photos was the S9 Plus.

Because the S9 Plus had a very high photo quality, there was no need for post-processing. It was very pleasing to the eye, and my wife was very satisfied with the trip and the photos taken. In addition, the screen was excellent, and the phone's parameters and user experience were all satisfactory. So, after the S9 Plus, I started using Samsung with peace of mind.

After that, I successively used the S10+, Note10+, Note20 Ultra, and Z Fold4, and gradually got used to the One UI. I think One UI is a UI that not only retains the openness and stability of the system but is also beautiful and elegant. Internet users often say "Samsung phone user manual" to describe the high playability of One UI. However, since the incident with the S7 Edge, Samsung has been cautious about fast charging, and the charging speed has always been slow, and the battery life is very short. If it weren't for the fact that I work in an office and don't need to go out for fieldwork, I would have switched to another phone long ago.

Among the Samsung phones I have used, the Note20 Ultra has been used for the longest time. There is no other reason, it's just that the flat-screen design is the most suitable for me.

In my experience of using phones, I have encountered countless phones. I should say that each time I can choose a phone that represents my satisfaction for that era. However, both things and people's perspectives are constantly improving. Although I used to despise many phone brands because their product flaws were too obvious, looking back, I realize that my subjective judgment has also had many deviations. This attitude of disdain is not helpful in seeing deeper connotations.

As a consumer product, mobile phones often have strong label attributes. In the case of insufficient age and experience, it is easy to be led to an exaggerated situation. I used to be like that, and many people may be like that now. They chase after brands with added value without knowing what they really want.

Most people only treat their phones as communication tools, content consumption tools, and photography tools. They are heavily dependent on brands and are not accustomed to adjusting their phones to the most suitable state. Moreover, they often apply screen protectors and protective cases from the moment they unbox their new phones until they replace them. I'm not judging right or wrong here, I just feel a little regretful.

When consumers choose a phone, there are various considerations. However, according to statistics, the average daily usage time of phones has reached 4.5 hours today. So, is it difficult to choose a phone that satisfies oneself?

Yes, it is difficult! Due to work reasons, I have to give up my current phone and choose a domestic brand. Moreover, I don't plan to have two phones at the same time. So, in today's 2023, what can I choose?

I have talked about a lot of content today, but due to the limited space, I will talk about what phone I chose in the next article.

Thank you for patiently reading this far. Goodbye.


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