Recommend an easy-to-use robot framework based on PC WeChat for beginners.



Previously, I had two WeChat accounts banned for using chatgpt, so I am a bit wary of the WeChat framework. I don't have the ability to develop myself, I can't even be considered a script kiddie, so I haven't been playing with it. Recently, I saw some experts discussing WeChat bots on, and that's how I found today's good stuff.

Wrest Chat#

Intelligent chat assistant, a general chat assistant program that communicates with chat software through the Nanomsg protocol, with a built-in web management interface, and can be integrated with GPT, Gemini, Xinghuo, Wenxin, Hunyuan, Tongyi Qianwen and other large language models. Currently adapted for PC WeChat, more chat software adaptations are in progress, please stay tuned!

Main Features#

  • Written in Go language, no runtime dependencies
  • Provides HTTP interface for integration with various programming languages
  • Provides WebSocket interface to receive push notifications of new messages
  • Supports HTTP/WS interface authorization, see Configuration Instructions
  • Supports use as an SDK, see wcferry/
  • Built-in AI robot, see wclient/
  • Built-in web management interface for managing robot configurations
  • Built-in API debugging tool, all interfaces can be debugged online
  • Converts XML in messages to objects as much as possible for easy parsing by the front end
  • Supports scheduled tasks, external commands, command plugins, and other extension functions, see wrest-plugin


  • Download and install WeChatSetup- and

    • Open and use wrest.exe in sandboxie, it will automatically start WeChat and the interface service, scan the QR code to log in to WeChat



  • After successful startup, access http://localhost:7600 in the browser to configure the robot


  • If unattended, you can choose to use starter.bat to start the service, achieving the following capabilities:

    • Write registry settings to disable automatic updates of WeChat
    • Automatically restart after wrest.exe crashes


Directly private message the robot and send /api to see the available commands; other ways of playing are still being explored, please stay tuned.

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